Nomalanga From Sibongile And The Dlaminis Real Name & Age

Nomalanga From Sibongile And The Dlaminis Real Name & Age

Nomalanga From Sibongile And The Dlaminis Real Name & Age

Biography Of  Nomalanga Dludla From Sibongile And The Dlaminis
Age 29 Years old
Real Name Yolanda Myeza
Net Worth > 50k USD
Nationality South African

Since Sibongile And The Dlaminis went on air, people have been in love with the TV show especially a cast whose movie name is Nomalanga.

On the show, Nomalanga was such a captivating actress that people were eager to know more about her private life. Unfortunately, her profile has not been updated on the internet as the show is her first major breakthrough.

To save many from the stress, we began to ask around and look for means to contact her and her friends to share more information about her.

A lot of people have shown interest in knowing her full name, as with that they can search for her via various social media platforms.

To that effect, we have uncovered Nomalanga’s real name, her age and few other information her fans and well wishers may want to know.

Nomalanga Dludla Biography

On “Sibongile And The Dlaminis” TV show, she had her full name as Nomalanga Dludla. Nomalanga is a South African actress, content creator, fashion lover and socialite.

The female celebrity has always loved to be seen and has also loved acting from a tender age, however her talents were not discovered till she was given a role in the movie “Sibongile And The Dlaminis”.

On the show, she took the role of Stanley Sokhabase’s daughter and both of them shared a good bond. Stanley began to look after Nomalanga after her mother left her family.

The female emcee was in a serious relationship with Kwenzo on the TV show, and they were already making plans to get married.

Unlike many young ladies, Nomalanga while on set was living the kind of lifestyle many would only dream about, that is because she’s the daughter of Stanley, a well to do politician. Asides her father, Kwenzo who is her boyfriend is also an heir to a prominent businessman who deals on furniture and timber.

Nomalanga Dludla Age

The real birth month of Nomalanga is really not certain, but what we do know is her birth year.

She was born in 1994, so in 2023, Nomalanaga is 29 years old.

Nomalanga Dludla Real Name

On Sibongile And The Dlaminis, she has the name Nomalanga Dludla, however the real name of the actress is Yolanda Myeza.

Nomalanga Dludla Net Worth

Nomalanga has never declared her official net worth, however from her movies, social media updates and a few things I know about her, it is certain she is worth more than 50,000 in USD.


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