Senamile Mhlongo Age, Biography, Boyfriend Kuku

Senamile Mhlongo Age, Biography, Boyfriend Kuku

Senamile Mhlongo Kuku Age, Biography, Boyfriend

Biography Of  Senamile Mhlongo
Senamile Mhlongo Age (Date Of Birth) 20 Years old (2023)
Senamile Mhlongo Gender Female
Senamile Mhlongo Boyfriend Name Kuku
Senamile Mhlongo Nationality South African

Senamile Mhlongo Biography

Senamile Mhlongo is a very young and promising lady who hails from a small village of Vuma Eshowe located at the North Coast of Kwazulu Natal (KZN), a town located in South Africa.

The young lady is a serial socialite who has massive followings on her various social media accounts. She already is shooting for a millions follows on TikTok, while of Facebook she has more than 200k followers, and even more on Instagram.

Since she left her village of origin in Kwazulu Natal, she relocated to Johannesburg in January 2022 with the hopes that she will cash-in-on the opportunity which her popularity has presented to her.

Originally, she’s just a content creator from Kwazulu, but has a great love for Maskandi Music, and listens to it a lot.

A while ago, while being interviewed, she revealed that one of her purposes of coming to Johannesburg is to do music, not fame and she’d concentrate on Maskandi genre,

In the course of the interview, she stated and we quote; “Because of my background of living emakhaya (in the villages) where Maskandi music is popular. I fell in love with Afropop and Maskandi from a young age.”

she continued . “I am thanking the Mhlongo family for being supportive and understanding of the things I want to achieve in life. Other parents would never allow their kids to come to this city as it is full of sharks.” she stated.

Senamile has released a few songs, one of which is Ngithanda Wenawhich, her best and trending hit track in which she features some other upcoming atistes like Sgabiso and Foliswa.

Senamile Mhlongo Age

Last year in 2022, she revealed that she was 19 years old. Ultimately, this clearly means that she was born in the year 2003, in Kwazulu Natal.

In 2023, Senamile Mhlongo is 20 years old.


The real name of the young lady’s date is not certain, however she has once shared his pictures on her TikTok account with his face covered, with a heart emoji and wrote a simple text “Kuku”, which we do not know if that’s his boyfriend’s name.

She has not specifically stated that she is dating.

Senamile Mhlongo Songs

Senamile Mhlongo has released a number of Maskandi songs, and her best tracks are Ngithanda Wena featuring Sgabiso, Foliswa and Umjolo. She also released an EP in 2022 which she called Anginafrontal EP.

We wish the young lady success and she progresses her career and will support her full potential and also will support her till she is quite popular in South Africa.

Stay tuned for more South African updates.

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