Rina Hugo Biography & Age

Rina Hugo Biography & Age

Biography & Age Of Rina Hugo

Biography Of  Rina Hugo 
Rina Hugo Age 70 Years Old
Rina Hugo  Gender Female
Rina Hugo  Net Worth > 100k USD
Rina Hugo Nationality South African

Rina Hugo  Biography

Rina Hugo, as popularly known as is a South African notable musician. She is so good that while she was in her prime (in 1978), she alongside Bruce Sanderson was named as the winners during the ATKV’s Crescendo.

The female artist was later married to her heartthrob Johan Van Rensburg.

Rina was born and also raised within South Africa, though a lot of people usually think she’s not African, however on several occasions, Rina has stated that she identifies as African.

Asides being a notable artist, she has been a good actress who starred in many nice movies like the 1986 movie, You Must be Joking. In the movie, she worked closely with other great actors and actresses like; Leon Schuster, Janine Pretorious, allie Knoetze and Clarke Keuzenkamp.

Though she is in the entertainment industry, she is well educated as she had her B.Mus. degree in 1970 from the North-West University which bore the name Potchefstroom University for CHO.

She is also a known member of Alabama Student Society, however it is not clear if she attended or obtained any degree from any institution in Alabama.

Rina was very good at some genres which could be practiced in solo like; operetta, Opera, oratorio, light music etc..

Rina Hugo  Age

She was born in the year 1953. In 2023 she is 70 years old.

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