Eugene Khoza Bio, Age, Skomota & Podcast And Chill

Eugene Khoza On Skomota Bio, Age, Podcast And Chill

Eugene Khoza Bio, Age, Skomota & Podcast And Chill

Biography Of  Eugene Khoza 
Eugene Khoza Age 42 Years old
Eugene Khoza Gender Male
Eugene Khoza Net Worth > 50k USD
Eugene Khoza  Nationality South African

Eugene Khoza Biography

Asides being a stand up comedian and MC, Eugene Khoza is a South African TV host and has been in the industry for at least a decade.

Eugene Khoza, who is a prolific television presenter is popular for co-hosting the widely known SABC1 show Countdown back in 2010.

He was bon and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. From a young age, he went into comedy and has advanced in the world comedy. Now he performs around the country not just as a regular comedian, but also as a stand u comedian.

Eugene’s ethnic fan growth can be traced to his diverse lingual delivery and knowing various cultures and being able to engage with it on a funny level.

Eugene Khoza  Age

The comedian, Eugene Khoza is 42 years old in 2023. His date of birth is not certain, but he was born in 1981 in South Africa.

Eugene Khoza On Skomota And Podcast & Chill

Recently, he has been in the news with other popular celebrities like Makhadzi  and Skomota.

The commotion started when he went on air during MacG’s Podcast and Chill to make some statements last week.  Eugene Khoza stated and we quote; “SAMA’s becoming increasingly mediocre and tasteless“.

The purpose of making the statement being that he was not okay with the fact that Makhadzi brought Skomota on stage when she was called in during the SAMA award, Eugene felt Skomata does not merit to be on SAMA stage.

Makhadzi has replied an stated her displeasure to his comments, let us recall that Skomota was brought to limelight and went viral when he appeared photos with wads of cashing and embracing different women.

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