Thabiso Mokhethi (Generations) Biography, Age, Ex Wife

Thabiso Mokhethi (Generations) Biography, Age, Ex Wife

Thabiso Mokhethi (Generations) Biography, Age, Ex Wife

Biography Of  Thabiso Mokhethi From Generations
Age 40 Years Old
Ex-Wife Name Gaaratwe
Thabiso Mokhethi Most Popular Movie Generations
Nationality South African

The name Thabiso Mokhethi has been trending on the South African social media, and we have delved into some information about the actor.

Fans and many users have been asking questions about how old is Thabiso Mokhethi, the name of his ex-wife, etc. On this page, we have answered these important questions about the South African actor.

Thabiso Mokhethi From Generations Biography

The male celebrity, Thabiso Mokhethi is a renowned actor, movie and script writer, TV & radio presenter, producer and also a businessman. He was born and raised in Soweto, South Africa but currently resides in Johannesburg.

Thabiso Mokhethi became quite popular when he took on the role of a “Samuel Khumalo” on the SABC1 soapie called Generations, the movie starred from 2005 to 2011. Asides the show, he had been a presenter during the religious shows on SABC1, he also presented and starred in Re:fresh, a popular show on DStv’s ONE.

The male celebrity is also a graduate from the University of Johannesburg.

Thabiso Mokhethi From Generations Age

The real age of Thabiso Mokhethi is 40 Y/O. So, if you have been wondering how old Thabiso is, you do not need to worry as we have his date of birth.

Thabiso Mokhethi was born on 12th August 1983.

Thabiso Mokhethi From Generations Ex-Wife

He was married to Gaaratwe, but are now divorced, which makes her his only ex-wife so far.

Many years ago, Mokhethi tied the knot with Gaaratwe, and the marriage produced three lovely children, and their names are Thabisa and Thaboya Morena Christian.

Their marital problems began back in 2014 (according to the actor in an interview), he stated that they began to have a hard year. We can recall that he lost his family to an auto crash a year before in 2013. The crash claimed the lives of is family including his mother.

Since then, he was never emotionally stable as he began to physically abuse his wife. Being aware of his problems, he resorted to visiting two therapists, but it did not still work out for him, thus the marriage was dissolved.

Thabiso Mokhethi From Generations Real Name

Unlike many other actors and actresses who are known by their stage name, Thabiso is actually known by his real name not his stage name. He became a big figure after he debuted on Generations, and took on the role of “Samuel Khumalo”, which is the titled he should have been known with.

However, he is known by his biological name maybe because he was already a presenter and script writer.

The full name of the South African actor is Thabiso Kevin Mokhethi, and his stage name on Generations is “Samuel Khumalo”.

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